What is Mindulness?

Mindfulness definition

Mindfulness is a practice derived from Eastern meditative techniques that helps us to become aware of the different aspects of our experience in the present moment. We can become aware of how we move, how we feel (both physically and emotionally), and how we respond or react to each life event.

More than 30 years of scientific research in Mindfulness supports its effectiveness in:

  • Integral health improvement.
  • Stress reduction.
  • Increased attention and concentration.
  • The development of relational skills.

Seven key attitudes of mindfulness (Kabat-Zinn)

Non-judging. Be an impartial witness to your own experience. Become aware of the constant stream of judging and reacting to inner and outer experience.

Patience. A form of wisdom, patience demonstrates that we accept the fact that things sometimes unfold in their own time.

Beginner's Mind. Remaining open and curious allows us to be receptive to new possibilities and prevents us from getting stuck in the rut of our own expertise.

Trust. Develop a basic trust with yourself and your feelings. Know it's OK to make mistakes.

Non-Striving. The goal is to be with yourself right here, right now. Pay attention to what is unfolding without trying to change anything.

Acceptance. See things as they are. This sets the stage for acting appropriately in your life no matter what is happening

Letting Go. When we pay attention to our inner experience, we discover there are certain thoughts, emotions and situations the mind wants to hold onto. Let your experience be what it is right now.

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